Cruelty Free Hair Products

Making the Switch to Cruelty Free Hair Products

Making the change to cruelty free hair products is really something every individual household, family, or person needs to do on their own. People should not be forced, coerced or shamed into making the switch. Most of the time, when you try to shame or use pushy tactics when trying to convince someone to go cruelty free, it will backfire. People don’t really want to hear about your ‘holier than thou’ lifestyle, and that’s how it comes across sometimes.

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Making the Switch to Organic Skincare

Organic Skincare products have been on my mind a lot lately. They are quickly gaining in popularity and I can see why. Have you ever considered all the chemicals and toxins that may be lurking in your skincare products? I know I have! I was really surprised when I started doing my own research and trying to find out what I was putting on my skin and into my body. It’s kind of alarming when you stop to think about it. Recently I’ve been trying to switch out my products for a more natural and organic skincare routine.



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